About Ttenim IT Services

  • We have over 22 years experience implementing, supporting and maintaining home and business IT systems.
  • We are here to make your technology work for you, your family and your business.
  • We provide a professional on-site or remote service, available when you need it (days, evenings, weekends).
  • Our aim is to enable you to make the most of your technology by using it efficiently, effectively and safely.
  • We are friendly, honest people with families, so we know the day-to-day challenges of using and maintaining technology in the home and office.

IT Services at Home

We provide support for all aspects of home technology.
We understand the need to balance the need/ wish for new systems and technology within the constraints of a budget, so we work with you to establish your priorities and maximise what you can achieve.


Our aim is to maximise the life and efficiency of all your equipment.

  • New Purchase Advise
  • We are here to make your technology work for you, your family and your business.
  • Data transfer.
  • Printers added etc.
  • Peripheral installations (cameras, TVs)
  • Wireless network set up
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Virus protection and removal
  • Computer tune-up
  • Upgrade installation
  • Mobile phone set up and synchronisation with email, calendar, contacts
  • Training on use of these technologies

These are some of the services we offer !

– if what you want isn’t on the list – call us as we can probably still help you!

Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Having worked in and with small and medium sized businesses for over 22 years we know how vital it is to have reliable, secure and efficient systems. A lot of small companies will go out of business if they cannot get all their data back in the first few days after a crisis. Many options can be taken and testing your restores is a must. Our approach is to work with your existing IT Solutions, not replace them.

We can provide:

We highly recommend all meeting rooms should have a PC and screen:
Virtualisation: Reducing server management and support costs with VMWare. Rollout test configuration. Install and update software automatically wherever possible. Love to script to help automation Our aim is to respond to every call within 5 working hours. Services can be provided during office hours or evenings and weekends as required in order to minimise disruption to your business. We have a flexible approach to our work and costs – from a simple monthly support contract to case-by-case fixed price projects depending on your business needs. If we cannot do what you need, then we know many companies that can help. Recommendation is always the best

  • Consultation and advice
  • Regular preventative maintenance visits
  • Remote and telephone support
  • Holiday/ absence cover for current IT staff
  • Printers added etc.
  • Hardware and software support
  • Cable tidy up and any structured wiring
  • Conference room presentation, audio and video set-ups
  • Minor upgrades and fixes
  • Digital Signage

    Use of a large display screen has many functions:

  • Showcase your products and services
  • Welcome clients and visitors
  • Communicate appointment times
  • Source of income from other advertisers
  • Communicate work instructions
  • Communicate business information

  • Great user experience.

    Digital signs are used in many different locations such as reception areas, foyers, waiting rooms, shops, railway stations and hospitals. They are an easy and effective way of communicating.
    We have a unique solution which is easy to use, secure and can be updated by many or just one person. Our solution is based around MS PowerPoint files, so it is easy to make many changes and updates. Using network security, only authorised staff can access and make changes.
    The service we provide can be to recommend a suitable screen(s), install the hardware and implement our software solution.

    "We have two independent DIGITAL SIGNAGE screens in our offices - a Staff Photoboard and Visitor Welcome Screen The photoboard screen runs a presentation which displays employee names, photos and job titles. Designed in-house, it is predominantly updated by myself, but can be accessed by others if required. The welcome screen is managed by the receptionist who can make text changes on a daily basis or as necessary, whilst I retain access to update templates or make last-minute adjustments. A useful feature is that it can be scheduled to update overnight, enabling preparation for the following day.The update process for both screens is very easy and secure. For the welcome screen in the reception area we have a 19” monitor, neatly located on a shelving unit next to the seating area. The photoboard needed to be bigger and fixed to the wall. We had old PCs/laptops that could be re-used by Phil, meaning no long cable runs were required. We have very good structured wiring in our office, so it was easy to connect each DIGITAL SIGNAGE to the network, however a wireless solution could also have been an option. All that was required apart from Phil at Ttenim was an electrician – which we had in-house. A professional-looking system, which is easy to use and maintain. Phil came up with a solution that fitted our requirements perfectly." Mrs A Wright, Marketing Manager


    From the total novice to the more experienced user, we can help you get the most out of your equipment. We provide 1:1 training in your own home to cover the complete range of IT uses including:

  • Connecting to and using the Internet safely and securely: safe-surfing, researching, shopping, free phone calls.
  • Email: sending/ receiving emails, attachments and photos/videos.Making back-up files.
  • How to use the operating system (macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Windows 7 & 10).
  • Setting up a your computer filing systems and folders.
  • Internet and Computer security: web-filtering to protect your family on the internet, virus check, review of family computers.
  • Downloading music and movies from the web and playing on your computer, Mp3 player, iPod or phone.
  • Installing hardware such as printers, scanners and webcams.
  • General computer maintenance and troubleshooting when the devices misbehave.
  • Speaking about Phil

    "Phil has helped us with our computers, TVs, iPhones, landline phones and just about anything technical in our home! He provides a great service, training remotely or at our home."

    Ffion, Newtown, Powys

    "Design in Paladone Products Ltd we have many Apple Macs. Many issues were down to mixed configurations, slow speed & unfriendly user experience. Phil managed to move us all on to solid state drives (SSD) with same set-up for each, on MIcrosoft AD Domain. The difference has been amazing."

    Louise Paddenburg, Design Manager

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    01444 390987 or 07941 332276

    or email us: help@ttenim.co.uk